Sunnydaze Decor Large Outdoor Fire Pit Review

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Sunnydaze Decor Large Outdoor Fire Pit Review

This product is an outdoor fire pit which is designed to be used in gardens, patios, decking or other outdoor spaces. Its main function is to provide heat, which it does so with the use of burning wood. Once lit, it will continue to burn for as long as you as you require, provided you have wood or other similar material which will burn. It does require assembly, but this is very easy to do, and consists of little more than bolting the parts together.

Who Is This Product For?

If you or your family like to spend time outdoors in your garden, or you entertain guests there, even when the temperatures mean most people would prefer to stay indoors, then having a fire pit is ideal. It will allow everyone to stay warm and provides a great feature in your garden.

What’s Included?

The fire pit comes with all the parts to be assembled, which is a simple matter of bolting them together. The bolts are obviously supplied with the main fire bowl, four legs, the circular rings which the bowl sits in, and a mesh dome which acts as an ember shield. A poker is also provided for lifting the ember shield, and to rake ashes.

Overview of Features

One of the main features of this fire pit is the size of the round fire bowl. It is larger than most other fire pits of this type which means that you can place more in it to burn. More wood will produce a larger fire and therefore more heat than smaller fire pits.

The best way for wood to burn effectively is for it to be upright and placed in a shape like a tepee. To enable you to achieve this, and to keep the wood in place, there are fixed strips in the base of the fire bowl.

The frame and decorative legs of this fire pit are made from durable steel which means it will sit securely and safely wherever you place it. These and the fire bowl have a bronze-like finish which adds an appealing look to the fire pit. The high-temperature paint used for this coating should ensure that it does not decay due to intense heat from any fire which is lit.

On top of the fire pit, there is a large dome-shaped mesh lid. This not only allows everyone to see the flames burning, it also prevents embers from escaping from the fire bowl. This keeps everyone around the fire pit safe from the danger of being burned by a rogue ember, and it reduces the risk of an unwanted fire being started if hot embers land on dry material nearby.

Removing the ember shield to stoke the fire, or to clean it after use, can be done safely by placing the supplied poker through the circular loop on top and lifting it off.

How to Use It

The fire pit needs to be assembled first so follow the manufacturer’s instructions for this carefully. Once assembled, place the fire pit on a flat, solid location, and ensure that there is nothing directly above it such as tree branches or phone wires.

Place pieces of wood inside the fire bowl, and stack it, so each piece is upright. To light the fire, it is recommended that you use scrunched-up pieces of newspaper, and if possible, some kindling such as dry grass cuttings or small twigs.

Place these in between the pieces of wood, and then using a lighter or match, light them. As you create a flame, add additional pieces of paper or kindling until the wood pieces start to burn.

Once the fire is ablaze, place the ember shield on top. You can add more wood to keep the fire going, and occasionally rake it using the poker to separate ashes from the wood that is still to burn.

When finished always ensure that all flames have been extinguished. When they are cool enough you can clean out the ashes and embers using a small metal shovel.


Landmann Savannah Garden Fire Pit

If space is limited, an excellent alternative to the Sunnydaze Decor Large Outdoor Fire Pit is the Landmann Savannah Garden Fire Pit. It is a round and attractive fire pit, made from steel, and has a similar bronze-like finish to the Sunnydaze fire pit. The main difference is its smaller diameter of 23 inches.


The Sunnydaze fire pit is simple to set up, easy to use, and will make the ideal centerpiece in any garden. Once lit your family or guests can sit and be mesmerized by the flames as they burn, whilst at the same time be kept nice and warm.


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