Sorbus Square Fire Pit Review

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Sorbus Square Fire Pit Review

The Sorbus Square Fire Pit is a product which is a similar size and shape to many coffee tables that you are likely to see in furniture stores. It has a solid metal frame underneath, and a square top, which has at its center, the fire bowl. It was first released in mid-2017 and has proved to be very popular with customers.

Who Is This Product For?

Those who prefer being out in the fresh air rather than cooped up indoors, regardless of how cold or chilly it might be, will love this product. You’ll be able sit next to it with your family or invited guests and enjoy the ambience it creates.

It will also appeal to those who take a pride in their garden, backyard or patio, and who only furnish them with items that are pleasing to the eye. This is as much a piece of garden furniture as it is something which provides heat, given its styling and design.

What’s Included?

This Sorbus fire pit does need to be assembled, but all the instructions, parts and fittings are supplied, so there’s no need to go running the hardware store for bolts and screws.

The specific parts include the main metal frame, the fire bowl, the top surround, the fire bowl grate, a mesh ember shield plus all the bolts and screws required to fit it all together. In addition, the manufacturer provides a poker which is used to rake ashes and lift the ember shield when the fire is alight.

Overview of Features

One of the most important features you should be looking for in an outdoor fire pit such as this one, is a strong and stable base. For the safety of you, your family and your guests, this is essential given the danger of serious burns and injuries from a fire pit which easily tips over.

The Sorbus fire pit’s frame is one the most secure available, as it made from durable steel. Its design means you have four strong corner legs, plus equally solid side rails on all four sides which supports the entire unit.

It’s not just on the practical side that this fire pit scores, because aesthetically it hits the mark too. The frame is finished in a heat-resistant charcoal colored paint which looks very classy, but it doesn’t end there. The top ledge that surrounds the fire bowl has a faux stone slate design, and this adds to the entire look perfectly. The ledge is also great for placing coffee cups or plates and is an ideal focal point for everyone to sit around.

In the center you have the fire bowl which includes a fire grate in its base. This makes cleaning it easier as all the cinders fall through to the bottom. All you then do is tip the cold ashes into an appropriate waste bin.

Another practical feature, which also enhances the design, is the ember shield that sits over the fire bowl. It is made mainly from mesh so when it is in place you can watch the fire burn. Its main function is to prevent embers and sparks from escaping, which reduces fire risk and the danger of someone next to the fire pit receiving a burn from an ember.

A poker is provided with the product which you use to lift off the ember shield when it is hot, plus you can rake the fire to ensure ash etc. falls through the grate.

How to Use It

This is where your time as a Boy or Girl Scout training might be useful if you were ever taught how to light a fire. With this fire pit, you would normally use wood; however, you can also use other fuels such as charcoal, or wood chips.

Place the fuel in the fire bowl, and then add rolled-up pieces of newspaper, or some kindling such as dried grass and twigs. Using a match or lighter, set the kindling alight, and allow it to catch. Add some more to build up the flame until your main fuel catches. Once the main fuel is burning properly, place the ember shield over the top, and enjoy the warmth.


Pure Garden Fire Pit Set

An alternative fire pit, with a similar design to this one, is the Pure Garden Fire Pit Set. It is bigger than the Sorbus firepit by around 5 inches on each side and has a square tile finish on the ledge surround rather than faux stone. It also comes with a cover which protects it from rusting should it rain.


This Sorbus Square Fire Pit is a very attractive product which will complement most gardens or patios due to its stylish design. On chilly days or evenings, it provides plenty of warmth for you, your family and guests, while you enjoy each other’s company.


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