Outland Living Series 401 Fire Pit Table Review


This product is an outdoor fire pit that is designed to be used in gardens, patios, decking or other outdoor spaces. Its main function is to provide heat, which it does so with the use of burning wood. Once lit, it will continue to burn for as long as you as you require, provided you have wood or other similar material which will burn. It does require assembly, but this is very easy to do, and consists of little more than bolting the parts together.

Outland Living is a USA-based company founded in 2010 by two camping enthusiasts. They provide products you would need to make your outdoor experience the best, including portable fire pits and reusable roasting sticks. All products are consistent in high quality due to their diligent supervision on every level of production.



The Outland Living Series 401 Fire Pit Table is one of the company’s bestsellers, and boasts the following:

  • Built

This table has dimensions of 44 x 32 x 23 inches, which is a great size for outdoors and moderately sized rooms. The weight of the entire table is around ninety-six pounds.

This product includes a pre-attached three-foot hose that also has a regulator to ensure you are always prepared. It also comes with auto-ignition for your convenience.

Its British thermal rate per hour is 35,000, meaning you get a good amount of heat in lesser time. This design operates on a standard 20pounds (five gallons) propane tank.

  • Design

The table is available in an espresso brown color, which gives a classic touch. It has around fifteen and a half pound Arctic Ice decorative glass rock which allows you to see the flames dancing through the reflection.

To add further into aesthetics, there is a black tempered glass top. It contains chrome-plated pull rings that allow you to gain access to the inner compartments.

Also, the chrome-plated valve knobs allow you to adjust the flame height to your liking. The entirety of burner, burn pan, and fasteners comprise of stainless steel, which gives it a very appealing look.

  • Durability

Outlander Living always creates products that have high durability because of the quality they provide. This table is very low maintenance with an impressive amount of strength to withstand any issues. It is specifically designed to have resistance to heat so that you do not incur accidents.

The Ultraviolet Light High-Density Polyethylene wicker is also resistant to every weather. This means that it is quite reliable to last you a long time.

If that does not ease your mind, they have also added a powder-coated aluminum frame to the product. This will give the base a strong and sturdy built.

  • Storage

Storage space may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a fire table. However, this product provides for more than a normal fire table would. You can easily hide a standard 20 pounds or five-gallon propane tank within the base of the table.

The way to access the interior to switch around the propane tanks is to just use the doors and pull rings. All-in-all, it provides adequate storage while being user-friendly in accessing it.

  • Protection

A fire table should always have a safe built to keep you protected from any sort of fire mishap. This product is CSA approved, which means that it is quite safe for your usage. Moreover, the stainless steel burner is only rated at 35,000 BTU and has the highest safety standard.


Outland Living Series 401 Fire Pit Table ticks every box for all your requirements. Firstly, you get the safest and best option for your money’s worth because you are provided with innovative designs that have been carefully crafted.

The design includes a hose with a regulator, an automatic ignition, and storage space for your propane tank. If you are someone who likes to choose products based on how they look, this will be a great option for you.

Using stainless steel and chrome-plating in the design truly does set this product apart. Even more, they added an Arctic Ice glass set as a decor item that does give the best look. This is also usable all-year round, but make sure you maintain it regularly.


Since there are many fire tables available, it may be difficult for you to choose without comparing. Another highly popular product is the Elementi Manchester Natural Gas Fire Table which has a dimension of 42 x 39 x 17 inches. This is slightly smaller than the Outland Living table but weighs around 121 pounds, so it is heavier.

Like the Outland, this has a pre-attached ten-foot hose with a regulator. Also, included are the stainless steel burner and burn pan.

It also comes with automatic ignition producing smokeless flames. However, in contrast to the Arctic Ice decoration, this one includes around 13 pounds of Lava Rocks.

It does have a higher BTU per hour that is around 45,000. This means that it can produce more warmth.

The Outland one has a compact design, while this one has a tree stump design to give you a feel of the outdoors. It is CSA certified, so it is quite safe for use.

Definitely, this product gives you a little more warmth than the Outland one but at the cost of a double price. There is nothing extremely unique because both products have basic qualities.



Is the Outland Living Series 401 Fire Pit Table worth it? We would say yes.  That is because it is priced at a reasonable amount, yet still has all the features of any similar high-end product. If you want something to enhance the beauty of your patios and keep you warm during cold days without spending much, then this sleek fire pit table is for you.


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