Is a pellet stove safe to use in an RV? – Answered

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Answer: You will have no trouble installing and using a pellet stove inside an RV. In fact, using one is a great way to keep yourself and others warm while you drive around the country.


A pellet stove is a perfect furnace for people making their first steps into the RV life and who want an easy and convenient way to keep their vehicle warm.

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, though. The thing about the pellet stoves is that they cost a little extra than the alternatives.

Think of the extra cost as a convenience tax. It goes without saying that you need to be able to fit the pellet stove inside your RV.

These stoves tend to occupy more space than other options. And, remember, you need to fit both the stove and yourself inside the RV, so measure carefully!

Advantages and disadvantages aside (that we’ll discuss below), yes, a pellet stove is safe to use in an RV.


Can I leave a pellet stove on overnight?


Most definitely! Modern pellet stoves have plenty of safety measures that will prevent major issues from happening – without you having to supervise the furnace.

Something like that is great to have if you love sleeping in a warm and cozy RV during winter. One of the biggest advantages pellet stoves have is their control panel.

You don’t need to figure out how much wood you need or how long you have to leave it on to heat the entire place or anything like that.

With pellet stoves, you click a few buttons, choose the temperature you want, and let the furnace do its thing! Will your RV get too warm? Never!

The pellet stove will regulate itself and follow the instructions you gave it via the control panel.

The hardest thing about using a pellet stove is filling the stove with wood pellets and then figuring out whether you want to be cozy or extra cozy when choosing the temperature.

Then, you can go to sleep!

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Does a pellet stove emit carbon monoxide?


Every stove you use is going to emit carbon monoxide – but not all stoves emit the same amount.

When we’re talking about pellet stoves, the CO emissions are minimal. Since most pellet stoves are electric, they will control these emissions to avoid any issues.

It’s amazing to see how efficient modern pellet stoves are. They will regulate themselves to keep the fire at its most efficient – which means everything else will be efficient as well (for example, carbon monoxide emissions!)

That means you will have a resource-efficient stove, and you will keep the CO levels at the bare minimum while you use it.

A pellet stove helps you be ecological and have peace of mind.

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Can a pellet stove explode?


It’s close to impossible for a pellet stove to explode, but every heating appliance can malfunction and cause trouble.

That doesn’t mean you should worry about it – but you should have every precaution ready just in case.

You will use dozens of pellet stoves throughout your life, and, at worst, they won’t heat you enough. There are little to no cases of pellet stove explosions; their unique design prevents most issues from happening.

A fire extinguisher is a must, though. And not for pellet stoves alone, but for every furnace you want to use.


What are the benefits of using a pellet stove in my RV?


You should go for a pellet stove if you favor convenience over price.

Yes, pellet stoves are efficient – but that doesn’t mean they are cheaper to use.

The pellet stove is perfect for people who don’t want to mess with an appliance too much but want to stay warm throughout the night.

When you use one, you press a couple of buttons, and everything else is taken care of for you.

That comes with a price, though. You have to buy wood pellets (instead of scavenging for wood), and every so often your pellet stove will need a little fix.

What about other disadvantages, though? We’ll talk about them down below!

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What are the disadvantages of using a pellet stove?


Pellets stoves are expensive, require more maintenance than other alternatives, and are a little noisy at times.

Your average pellet stove also needs more space than other furnaces, so you need to be able to fit it in your RV.

You already know you should go for a pellet stove if you can afford it – but your wallet isn’t the only one that’s going to hurt from time to time.

The two major disadvantages that come from using a pellet stove are noise and resource availability. We have spoken about the latter (you need to buy wood pellets!), but we haven’t spoken about the noise yet.

Well, a pellet stove is noisy. You have to hear it yourself to see if you can stand the noise or not. It’s doesn’t sound like a full-blown orchestra inside your RV, but a little noise could be the difference between insomnia and a good night’s sleep.

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What should I look for in a pellet stove?


When looking for a pellet stove, you need to maximize the convenience factor.

Try to look for the pellet stove that’s the easiest to use and needs as little maintenance as possible.

You’re not choosing a pellet stove because you want to save money or anything similar. You want one because they are easy to use. That’s what you should look for!

And, remember, you need a pellet stove that fits inside your RV. Measure the entire thing and then leave a little extra space for people to come and go without hitting a hot furnace.

So, look for models that are as simple as possible. You need a stove that turns on with one button and is controlled with another. You should not buy an overly complicated pellet stove.

Don’t worry. Almost all pellet stoves are really easy to use!

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Here is my one and only recommendation for a pellet stove inside a camper or RV.

  • This stove can use both wood and pellets. It is also the smallest version of a pellet stove I could find on amazon.
  • The price is inexpensive – You really wouldn’t want a pellet stove much larger then this for a small camper or rv.

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