Pellet Stove Install in Garage – How to

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You can install a pellet stove in three steps. First, place the stove where you want it; second, make the hole where the vent will go through; third, put the vent and piping through the hole. That’s it!



Here’s a more detailed breakdown:


  • Get the stove in your garage:

The first thing you’re going to do is place your pellet stove where you want it. You’ll have to place it on top of a non-combustible surface (we’ll talk about this down below).


  • Make a hole for the vent:

Then, you will make a hole big enough for your vent to fit through. You will place the pipes inside the vent after. Measure everything before you start making irreversible changes to your garage walls.

  • Put both vent and pipes through the hole:

Once the hole is in place, put the vent through there. Then, thread the pipes through the vent.


  • Take care of the rest: Seal around the vent after

. You must add a screen and cap on the outside of the vent too. That will help prevent rain and debris from falling inside your stove.


Your pellet stove is electric, so you need to plug it in to use it. This is the final and easiest step!


Alternatively, you can hire a professional to install the pellet stove for you. We recommend this option for most people.


My only recommendation for a pellet stove for your garage. It is the smallest, and least expensive stove on the market.

What do I need to install a pellet stove in my garage?

To properly install a pellet stove in your garage, you need plenty of space, a flue, and a non-combustible surface. With all three of those things, you’ll have the perfect place in your garage for your stove.

Plenty of space: Every furnace gets very hot from time to time, so you want to keep it away from, well, almost everything. You also want to be able to maneuver around the stove. For that reason, try to install it somewhere with plenty of space around.

Flue (your vent and pipes): A 3-inch flue is the minimum requirement for a pellet stove – and that’s for smaller ones. You will need a bigger flue if you own a bigger stove. The flue will ensure proper ventilation from the stove to the outside world, so they are a must.

Non-combustible surface: You need to put your furnace away from every surface to avoid overheating its surroundings. You can get away from doing that by keeping the stove away from the walls – but you can’t make it levitate off the floor. For that reason, you need a non-combustible surface to place under your pellet stove. A 6-inch hearth pad will do.

Is it safe to put a pellet stove in my garage?


A pellet stove is probably one of the safest heating choices you can pick for your garage. It’s a modern stove that regulates itself, causes little to no trouble, and helps you stay warm with little to no effort.

For some people, putting a stove in the garage sounds like asking for trouble. But is it, really? You should have no issues whatsoever with a pellet stove – it almost controls itself!

It would be a different story if we were 100 years into the past.

Nowadays, pellet stoves are where furnaces and technology meet; more importantly, where heat meets safety measures, so you can rest easy when you turn your stove on.

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What to keep in mind when using a pellet stove in a garage


When installing a pellet stove, no matter where, you need to keep a couple of things in mind: first, no flammable objects around; second, buy a fire extinguisher and keep it close by; third, make sure the room is ventilated.

The first two rules are self-explanatory – but what about the third one? Wouldn’t a ventilated room be hard to heat?

Well, it’s not what you think: you need to be able to open some windows around if you have to. It’s not like you need to have air flowing in and out all the time.

You need to have everything ready in case something goes wrong. You already know that pellet stoves hardly (if ever) malfunction – but you have to be prepared anyway, though.

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Will I have any issues with using a pellet stove in my garage?


Not at all! You probably won’t have a single problem whatsoever – other than deciding on the temperature of your garage. Pellet stoves are as safe as they get, and they hardly ever malfunction.

So, pellet stoves are safe. Does that mean you can throw caution into the wind? Well, not really.

Remember that you need to treat every furnace with respect. You have to be extra careful with old school ones, and you still need to be careful with more modern ones like a pellet stove.

When we talk about respect, we talk about the usual stuff. Keep the room ventilated when you’re not around, don’t push the temperatures to the limit, don’t smoke around the stove, and similar things. We’re talking about having common sense!


My only recommendation for a wood stove in your garage – Why spend so much on an expensive wood stove.


Does a pellet stove raise home insurance costs?


When installing a pellet stove, there are two home insurance scenarios: one, they may raise your home insurance by, more or less, 10% per year; two, they will refuse to insure a home with a pellet stove in your garage.

Now, we cannot say which scenario your case is going to fall under. What we can say is that you can treat your home insurance as any other thing – so, shop around before you make a decision!

You can take your business elsewhere if your current insurer doesn’t want to work with you anymore after installing a pellet stove.

What we do recommend is making the arrangements beforehand. Change insurance companies first, then install the stove.

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Is it legal to install a pellet stove in my garage?


Whether it’s legal or not to install a pellet stove in your garage depends on local laws and regulations that you’ll have to check out yourself – because it varies on a state to state basis.

More likely than not, you will be able to install a pellet stove in your garage, but you may have to make some changes in your garage to do so (and some of these changes will probably be mandated by law).

We have covered above what you need to do: place the stove on a fireproof surface and far away from flammable stuff; other than that, keep a fire extinguisher close by, just in case.

Make sure you check both your city’s and state’s regulations before you install the pellet stove.

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