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Quick Read: F2C Hex Shape Fire Pit Review


Thinking of buying a Hex shape fire pit? Take a short read of our fire pit review to see if a Hexagon fire bowl is for you.

Here’s a quick glance of our Hex fire pit review:
1) This Hex fire pit is steel with a bronze look finish.
2) The fire pit provides a high level of heat.
3) It has a Medieval / Gothic character (we are thinking of Game of Thrones inspiration).
4) The 6 sides of the hexagonal fire pit have diamond shapes for a good visual of the fire.
5) A mesh ember shield helps to prevents embers from floating out.

Read below our full review of the hex shape fire pit and tell us what you think – we’d love to hear your views! >>>>

Who Is This Product For?

A great design for providing heat outdoors or a welcome addition to your garden furniture. This is an ideal fire pit if you like to sit or entertain in your garden and enjoy creating an inviting atmosphere.

What it Includes?

The fire pit requires assembly before use. The parts include: main fire bowl, base, ember shield, screws, bolts and a poker accessory.

Overview of Features

The striking design of the hexagonal shape absolutely sets it apart from most other fire pits which tend to be round, square or rectangular. It has a bronze effect temperature resistant paint, which gives it an almost medieval quality.

Once the fire is lit, this fire pit takes its visual appeal to an even higher level. This is due to the diamond shaped cutouts that are on all sides of the main fire bowl. Behind them there is mesh to prevent ashes and embers from falling out when a fire is burning.

These cutouts allow you to see into the heart of the fire where the embers are glowing. Imagine doing this on a crisp, starlight evening and you’ll get a real sense of this fire pit’s appeal.

The entire fire pit is made from solid steel, so the base is safe and secure. The bottom of the fire bowl has three raised strips which help hold the wood in position for when you are lighting the fire, and ensuring they burn properly.

On the top of the fire pit, there’s a mesh ember shield which not only allows you to see inside the fire pit, but it provides an important safety function too. It prevents embers from been blown out of the fire pit, where they could either burn someone close to it, or cause an unwanted fire to start nearby.

The fire poker accessory enables you to lift off the ember shield to add more wood whilst the fire is burning, and you can use it to rake the embers.

How to Use It

Before you start any fire, always make sure that you have the fire pit standing on a surface that is flat so there is no possibility of it tipping over. Do not light the fire pit if it is sitting under tree branches or there are any electrical cables overhead. The fire pit is lightweight enough so you can easily move it.

If everything is safe, you now need to place wood inside the firebox. Try to pile it so that the pieces of wood are standing up against each other. The raised strips on the base of the fire bowl will help with this and keep the wood from falling over.

The best way to start the fire is to place paper and other small pieces of material that easily burn around the wood. Lighting these first will make it easier for the fire to take hold, rather than trying to set the larger pieces of wood on fire first. Once the wood is burning you should place the cover on top, and then you can sit back and enjoy.

When finished for the day, always ensure the fire has been fully extinguished. In addition, if you are clearing out the fire bowl, make sure all the embers and ashes are cool before emptying them into any trash bin.


Astella Outdoor Cast Iron Fire Pit

A very attractive alternative to this fire pit is the Astella Outdoor Cast Iron Fire Pit. It is hexagonal in shape but has a circular fire bowl in the center. This provides enough space on the surround for guests to place cups or plates.

We also love the Deepeeka Medieval Fire Pit which can be found on our


This hexagonal fire pit has a unique style that makes it look great whether there is a fire burning inside it or not. However, it looks its stunning best when there is a fire blazing and then you can peer through the cutouts or the mesh cover to see the heart of the fire. This is just half of its appeal, given that it also provides a high level of heat to keep you warm on chilly days.


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