August 7, 2021
What Does Goat Meat Taste like? Answered

Answer: The flavor of the goat is a mix between the flavors of lamb and venison, in my opinion, although it lacks the "wooly" flavor that lamb may have on occasion.    Goat meat is a low-fat and high-nutrient substitute for beef. It is lower in cholesterol, lower in fat, and more in protein when […]

August 7, 2021
Do I need a water pan in my pellet smoker?

Answer: You don't need to put a water pan in your pellet smoker - but you may greatly benefit from using one when you're cooking certain recipes. For the BBQ lovers out there, a water pan could bring a level of moisture and smokiness that nothing else would. Now, don't get it wrong: a water […]

August 7, 2021
Chickens With Swollen Eyes Shut - Answered

Do Your Chickens Have Coryza, and What Should You Do? In general, poultry is affected by different varying conditions. In most cases, chicken diseases can quickly spread and affect the whole flock. There have been countless instances where farmers have suffered insurmountable losses due to chicken diseases. Some of the common chicken diseases include fowl […]

August 7, 2021
Is it safe to refill 1lb propane bottles?

Answer: Refilling propane bottles is completely safe - as long as you take the necessary precautions to keep yourself safe. While handling propane bottles isn't inherently dangerous, not taking it seriously could prove risky. Let's put it this way: there's no such thing as something completely safe in this life. At the same time, some […]

August 6, 2021
Can fire pits help with mosquitoes?

Do fire pits repel mosquitoes?  Answer: Absolutely! A fire pit is a great way to repel mosquitoes without having to depend on bug sprays or any other elaborate methods. With that being said, remember you need to burn wood - any other type of fire may not be that good for this job. There's something […]

August 5, 2021
Can Wood Stoves go in Campers? - Easiest Heating

Can wood stoves go in campers? Of course! You can install a wood stove in your camper. In fact, you must definitely install one if you're planning to travel throughout the winter. Cold climate can turn your dream trip into a nightmare - and a wood stove could prevent that from happening. Now, you probably […]

August 4, 2021
Can Wood Stoves Impact The Environment?

  Can Wood Burning Stoves Impact the Environment? Answer: yes, like most things humans do on earth. It will have an environmental impact. Compared to many other heating methods, wood burning stoves have a far lower impact. How big of an impact does wood burning stoves on the environment is quite easy to figure out. […]

August 4, 2021
Wood Stove vs Fireplace - In Depth Guide

Should I choose a wood stove or a fireplace?  Answer: Wood stoves are the best choice for most applications.     When it comes to choosing a wood stove or a fireplace, there are both subtle and big differences that you must consider. A fireplace is more aesthetically pleasing - but a wood stove is […]

January 21, 2021
Why put Sand in a Fire Pit? It actually works!

  Why put Sand in the Bottom of a Fire Pit?   Having a layer of sand inside the bottom of your cast iron fire pit protects the metal finish. It helps dissipate the heat evenly when the fire reaches high temperatures thus preventing damage. So what's the deal? Most fire pits with the exception […]

January 11, 2021
Can you Burn Pressure Treated Wood in a Fire Pit?

 Answer: No you really shouldn't it is extremely unsafe.      Pressure treated wood is not safe to burn, and you should not attempt to burn it under any circumstances. Doing so is dangerous and can potentially kill those unlucky enough to inhale the smoke coming from this type of wood. Exposing yourself to the […]

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