Can You Leave a Fire Pit Burning Overnight?

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Firepit season is exciting because it’s time for outdoor entertainment with family around warm and cozy flames. As the fire illuminates your surroundings and keeps you warm, the excitement doesn’t fizzle out quickly. You want the fun to continue into the night, but unfortunately, it has to stop.

The beauty of a glowing fire pit has probably got you wondering if you can leave it burning overnight. While this may seem like an excellent idea, you need to first familiarize yourself with the safety regulations. The safety of your home and the occupants comes before the need to have the fire pit burning overnight.

Wandering about laws regarding fire in backyards? Backyard Recreational Fires | US EPA

Fire Pit Safety Guidelines

Several rules that govern the use of fire pits within commercial or residential properties are in place. The government is concerned with quality safety techniques that help you utilize fire pits without putting you at risk. One of the regulations requires that you don’t leave a fire pit unattended when burning.

In other words, you can’t leave your fire pit burning overnight. According to the Fire Administration, you should keep your home safe, both inside and out. You should observe simple guidelines in the interest of the integrity of your property and the people around you.

Some local governments have provisions that limit the lighting of backyard recreational fires. In other areas, you must have a water supply readily available near your fire pit in case of an emergency. A quick online search will show the specific safety laws in your state.

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Why You Shouldn’t Leave a Fire Pit Burning Overnight

You need to exercise caution when being around the fire and also after the party ends. Avoid leaving the fire to burn itself out no matter how feeble the embers look. You never know when the wind may fan them into sparks that may cause a fire outburst.

You can never be entirely sure how a fire will behave. In one moment, it could be the sweetest thing to look at and sit around while creating memories. In a fraction of a minute, what was an attraction could sweep out everything in a raging blaze.

It’s highly unlikely that you’ll feel safe in your bed knowing that you left a fire burning outside. There would be no way to know if something goes wrong, and it’s a risk you don’t want to take. Consider your comfort and everyone’s safety, and extinguish the fire completely.

How Do You Put Out a Fire Completely?

An hour or so before ending your evening party, let the fire burn out on its own. Don’t add any wood as you anticipate its end. Spread the ashes inside the fire pit to give them room to cool off. Pour an adequate amount of water on the ashes to put out any hidden embers.

Ensure there’s no more steam coming from the ashes. Alternatively, if you don’t want to use water, you can pour sand on the ash. This will deprive it of the much-needed oxygen.

Once you’re sure the ashes have cooled down, scoop them from the fire pit and dispose of them. You can pour them in the drain and ensure you wash off with as much water as possible. Avoid putting them in a compost pile or flammable container and instead, put them in a metal ashcan.

If the fire pit has vents or a drain, check that they’re not blocked with ashes. They should be working correctly for the next party.

Cleaning your fire pit after use leaves it ready for the next party. It’s also the best assurance that no accidents will happen while you sleep. You also avoid piling ash that interferes with the efficiency of the pit.

Fire Pits Safe For Wood Decks
Fire Pits Safe For Wood Decks

What about Propane Fire Pits?

Propane or natural-gas fire pits require less tending and attention, but this doesn’t mean you should be less cautious. Each time before you light up a propane fire, check that all the hoses, valves, and attachments are well fixed and do not leak. Leaking pipes are dangerous and can lead to gas and fire explosions.

The pilot light should also be in its position and not blown out. Carefully check that combustible gases aren’t filling the containment area. Ensure you know where you can shut off the LP or NG supply if an emergency happens.


Set Up Your Smoke Detectors

After extinguishing the fire pit, it won’t harm to put up additional safety measures. Fire accidents can happen from other sources and not necessarily from unnoticed fire pit embers. Smoke detectors can come in handy to help save your life.

Make it a habit to check your smoke detectors, ideally once a month to ensure they’re working. The alarms need to sound loudly and clearly, which is why you should change the batteries regularly. When they’re working as they should, you can stop a fire situation before it gets out of hand.

By adhering to basic fire pit safety rules, you can prevent the unpredictable from happening. Consider informing your homeowner’s insurance company of your fire pit, especially if it enhances the resell value of your home. Having it covered also saves you from the costs of repairs or replacements should an approved peril happen.

Sometimes, you’ll do all you know how to do but still have a fire accident. In the unfortunate event of a fire outbreak, call 911 immediately.


One of the safety guidelines when using a fire pit is that you must never leave the fire unattended. Fire accidents are unpredictable, and you don’t want to expose your home or family to fire accidents. This means that you can’t leave a fire pit burning overnight.

Ensure all the necessary precautions before, during, and after using a fire pit are in place. Don’t place it near flammable items and avoid adding anything that can cause an explosion.

When putting out the fire, ensure the embers die out completely. Pour as much water on the ashes as possible until no steam is coming out. Clean your fire pit and leave it ready for the next party.

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