Best Gas Fire Pit of 2020: Reviews with Comparison

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Fire pits are becoming increasingly popular, with people spending quality time with family and friends around them. The fireplaces are now available in different designs, colors, and sizes. Since many states restrict the use of wood-burning fire pits, they are being replaced by gas-burning ones.

A gas fire pit comes with the advantages of a traditional fire pit but is safer and easier to customize. You can trust it to deliver better performance in keeping everyone warm, especially in cooler evenings. Finding the best gas fire pit can take a lot of your time, but this guide lists some of the best alternatives.


Comparison Chart

BALI OUTDOORS 28″ Square Table Gas Fire Pit


Christopher Knight Home Square Propane Fire Pit


Endless Summer Gas Outdoor Fireplace


Best Gas Fire Pit Reviews

BALI OUTDOORS 28″ Square Table Fire Pit

The BALI Outdoor fire pit comes with an unusual shape and design that almost resembles a square brazier. It’ll look good on your patio, yard, or garden.

The Bali Outdoors fire pit design incorporates a thick, lip-like top around it to act as a table. It’s quite a sturdy pit and can act as a permanent fixture in your backyard or patio. At 70 pounds, it’s not too heavy to move around if need be.

The finishing adds to its aesthetic value and makes it easy to blend in with a variety of decorative features. The 15-pound fire glass makes the pit safe to use as it controls the flames and keeps the embers from being blown away.


The pit has a 50,000 BTU heat output. The volcanic rocks inside help in heat retention and also add to the decoration. The 20-pound liquid propane tanks are well hidden below the fire pit and are easy to ignite, remove, and replace.

The BALI outdoor fire pit is an excellent addition you don’t want to overlook for its low price. It is 28” high by 28” wide and gives you quite ample space to light your mini bonfire.


  • The assembly instructions are easy to follow
  • Has a beautiful finish and decorated with smooth volcanic rocks in the pit
  • The propane tanks stay hidden and well protected underneath the flames
  • Comes with lava rocks that maintain heat and keep your fire from dying
  • Produces a beautiful and large flame without smoke or smell


  • The lighting controls don’t work well
  • Too heavy for one person to lift and move


Christopher Knight Home Propane Fire Pit

A perfect match for your backyard is the Christopher Knight Home Fire Pit. Although it has no fancy glass or aluminum effects, its stone finish is a match for your patio.

The Christopher fire pit comes already assembled and is supplied as a single piece. The square base is made from blocks-and-bricks like steel and magnesium oxide. Here, you can store the propane tanks and hide them away from your guests’ view.

In the middle of the pit is a burner covered with volcanic rocks for a more visual effect. On the exterior of the pit is a smart control panel for controlling the flame. The ignition system is battery-operated, easy to use, and reliable.

On the control panel is a chrome-plated knob for easy control of the heat intensity and flame size. Its positioning provides for safe use and ease of reach. You don’t have to keep opening a hidden door every time you adjust the heat setting.

The instructions for use are attached. They’re printed in English and French to reach a wider audience.


The Christopher fire pit produces 40,000 BTUs of heat, enough to keep everyone around it warm. The 2-foot high pit ensures the heat dissipates effectively in the surrounding area without being too far-reaching.


  • The heat output of 40,000 BTUS is warm enough to keep everyone comfortable
  • The fire pit is easy and safe to use
  • Comes with a unique design and finish that resembles brick and blocks
  • One propane tank can run for up to 20 hours
  • Comes with a one-year warranty


  • Lacks a windshield and the flames can easily be pushed over
  • The ignition system only provides a limited heating range


Endless Summer Gas Outdoor Fireplace

The Endless Summer Outdoor Fire Pit is a modern-looking outdoor fireplace. It has a furniture-like finishing and spells elegance in simplicity. It’s made of durable steel and covered with beautiful slate tiles.

The fireplace is powered by LP gas and produces a 10,000 BTU fire output. This is a relatively lower output than the other fire pits reviewed here and can’t burn wood.

Its access panel features an easy ignition button and black fire glass for a controlled glow. You can also choose from other available colors if you don’t like the black unit.

The propane tank doesn’t come included in the package. The base of the pit, however, has enough storage space for the tank. This ensures no bulky tanks are sitting nearby.

Before lighting the fire, leave the propane to run for a minute before turning on the ignition. This is the only way to ensure you don’t have a hard time getting a flame.


  • Has a beautiful slate finish with faux stone construction
  • The control panel is hidden from sight for added safety
  • Comes with black fire glass to keep the flames under control
  • Has an in-built regulator
  • Durable, high-quality, and reliable


  • The burner doesn’t light up quickly, and you have to let the gas run for a few seconds first
  • Has a lower heat output compared to other fire pits


Fire pits have a magical effect and instantly improve the ambiance on cold nights. They supply light as well as warmth and create the best environment for creating memories. If you’ve decided you want to buy a fire pit but aren’t sure which one, choose a gas fire pit.

A gas fire pit is easy to use, reliable, and produces enough warmth for everyone around. With this review of the best gas fire pit, it’s not hard to pick one that meets your needs. The best part is that you don’t have an ashy mess to deal with after the fire dies out.

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