Best Fire Pit Under $100: Top 3 Budget-Friendly Options

May 12, 2020

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It is always nice to have a fire pit at your disposal when it is time for the family to come together for an evening at home. However, you need a fire pit that has what it takes to keep campers warm for a long time when it is cold outside.

Let's take a closer look at some very nice fire pits that come with a variety of features included without breaking the bank

Comparison Chart

Fire Sense Barzelonia Round Copper Look Fire Pit


Esschert Design Steel Fire Bowl


Pleasant Hearth Palmetto Fire Pit


Best Fire Pit Under $100 Reviews

Fire Sense Barzelonia Round Copper Look Fire Pit

This is a nice, lightweight fire pit that is easy to use. It will provide you with many hours of great campfire moments.


This fire pit that is provided by Fire Sense is made from high-quality materials that will help it last for a very long time. It is also covered and protected with paint that will be able to withstand the heat for a very long time.

For your safety, there is also a spark screen included that will help keep the sparks inside the bowl. Furthermore, for your convenience, you get a screen lifting tool included so that you can safely lift off the lid when needed without getting burned.

Also included with this fire pit is a strong and durable base to keep the bowl a safe distance away from the ground. The base is protected with heat-resistant paint that will resist rust and erosion for added longevity.

The interior of the bowl is large enough to hold a substantial amount of wood, so it can burn for several hours when it's campfire time. It also looks quite attractive and will display quite well with any decor or garden setup you might have.

Unfortunately, there are no drain holes included with this fire pit from Fire Sense, so water might pile up in the bottom. Also, it might require some assembly before you will be able to use the fire pit, and that might be a problem for some people out there.


  • This fire pit is very easy to use after assembly
  • It is made of high-quality materials
  • It has a strong and durable construction
  • There is a screen lift tool included


  • No drain holes are included
  • It requires some assembly that might be a bit difficult


Esschert Design Steel Fire Bowl

Next, we have another fire pit that will be able to provide you with long hours of fire and campfire time. It will be able to last for a long time due to its strong and durable construction.


This fire bowl from Esschert Design is made lightweight so that it can easily be transported to a remote site. This feature will add to the mobility of the fire bowl and provide many campfire hours wherever you may go.

With a good-quality paint cover, this fire bowl will resist rust for a very long time, and that makes it quite durable. Plus, it can easily be used not only as a fire pit but also to quickly get the chops cooked if you add a grill.

It is made from high-quality materials to make it strong and durable, which adds to the longevity of the fire bowl. It also comes with quite a large log area to give you a campfire for many hours around the campsite.

This fire bowl comes with a nice design to make it fit into any environment and will provide great decor. It also comes with quite a sturdy base, so it will be able to hold a large fire very conveniently for many joyful hours.

There is no spark screen included, so this will take away some of the safety that other options provide. There is no log grid, either.


  • This bowl has quite a large furnace area
  • It is very easy to use this fire bowl
  • This model is made of high-quality materials
  • It is painted to help resist rust


  • There is no spark screen included
  • You also do not get a grate with this fire pit


Pleasant Hearth Palmetto Fire Pit

This is a very well-designed fire pit that comes with many extras included to make your life much easier. It comes with quite a reasonable price tag attached to it to make it a good investment.


For the safety of the user, this fire pit from Pleasant Hearth comes with a nice spark cover included. This will help keep the environment and bystanders safe by preventing the sparks from escaping while the fire is burning.

The fire pit also comes with a grill included, making it quick and easy to get that fire started for a nice backyard BBQ. Plus, it comes with holes included at the bottom to drain water and prevent rust from forming in the bowl of the fire pit.

A wood grate that is provided with the fire pit will help keep the bowl safe from excess heat, which will help make it last longer. The strong and sturdy construction of this fire pit will also add to the durability and longevity of the fire pit.

The large size of the bowl makes it possible to make quite a large fire to keep you warm for much longer. Also included with this fire pit is a strong and sturdy stand to keep the bowl away from the ground and to offer better heat retention.

Unfortunately, this fire pit will need some assembly, and some might find this to be an unattractive feature. It also is not very weather-resistant, and it might get damaged if left out in the weather for very long.


  • It comes with a spark cover included
  • This fire pit is made from high-quality materials
  • It is made with strong and durable construction
  • There are many extra features included


  • This fire pit will require some assembly
  • It is not very weather-resistant



In this lineup, we found a fire pit that comes with many great features and many extras - the Pleasant Hearth Fire Pit. However, if you are looking for something that comes with a bit lower price point, the Fire Sense Round Fire Pit is also great. It comes with nice safety features and will last for a very long time to provide you with many long hours of warmth.

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