Best Fire Pit Glass of 2020: Top 5 Picks

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These fire pit glass shards are quite a nice addition to any fireplace or fire pit and will improve the overall looks. But not all of them are suitable for all types of fire pits, and some might display better than others.

We take a closer look at some of the nicest ones out there and what they can provide for the fire pit owner.


Best Fire Pit Glass Reviews

Hiland Fire Pit Fire Glass

With this fire pit glass, you have quite a variety of colors to choose from, and it will be a lovely addition to any fire pit.


This fire pit glass will be ideal for smaller fire pits, and at one-third of an inch size, it will display quite beautifully. It is also available in many different colors so you can easily mix the colors for better variety and display.

And this glass is quite easy to use by just adding the right amount of shards to your fire pit to get the best results. For your convenience, this fire pit glass is available in 10-pound as well as 20-pound bags, so you will not run out.

Unfortunately, this fire pit glass from Hiland might give off a chemical smell that might be unacceptable for most people.


  • Great for smaller fire pits
  • It is available in a variety of colors
  • Quite easy to use
  • The glass is available in 10 and 20-pound bags


  • A bit too small for larger pits
  • May give off a chemical smell


Grisun Cobalt Blue Fire Glass

Great color and display are what you get when you use this fire glass in your fire pit for a nice effect.


This fire glass comes in a nice large size of about half an inch to make it suitable for different size fire pits. It also comes in a variety of colors so you can easily mix the colors for a much better display feature.

These glass shards are made to be heat resistant as well as corrosion-resistant to last much longer. The shards also come with a nice reflective surface, so they will display much better while the fire is burning.

However, when you receive the bag of fire glass shards, you will find that the size of this glass is not consistent. And it is also only available in a bag size of 9.5 pounds, which will mean you will need to buy many bags for a larger fire pit.


  • Shards are available in a nice big size
  • Available in many different colors
  • It is very easy to use in a fire pit
  • Comes with a strong heat resistance


  • The size might not be very consistent
  • It is available in only one size bag


Stanbroil 10-Pound 1/2 Inch Fire Glass Bronze Reflective

You get premium quality fire glass from Stanbroil that can be used with both propane and natural gas fire pits.


This fire glass for fire pits can easily be used in fire pits that burn with propane gas as well as in those using natural gas.

It is quite easy to use this fire glass, and it can be easily cleaned by rinsing it in clean water for a nice clean display. With the large half-inch size that these glass shards come in, it is ideal for larger and smaller fire pits.

These fire glass shards also have a nice reflective surface to make them look quite pretty in the fire pit. But it would have been nice if there were more colors to choose from for a larger variety of display types.


  • Can be used with dual fuel fire pits
  • This fire glass is very easy to use and clean
  • Great for the larger fire pits
  • Has a nice reflective surface


  • Not many colors to choose from
  • Only available in a 10-pound bag


Stanbroil 10-Pound 1/2 Fire Glass Blended Gold

This nice looking fire glass will display very well in any fire pit to make your fire shine like melted gold.


The colors of this fire glass from Stanbroil will come alive in the fire and produce a beautiful liquid gold display. It is also very easy to use these glass shards inside your fire pit for a subtle effect and to radiate more heat.

Furthermore, it can easily be used in both natural gas fire pits as well as those working with propane. It can also be used for a better variety in a fireplace to improve the aesthetics of your fireplace.

There is one shortcoming with this fire glass, and that is it is not available in more colors for better versatility.


  • Comes with a nice clear display
  • It is quite easy to use this fire glass
  • Can easily be used in a fire pit as well as in a fireplace
  • Propane and natural gas compatible


  • Only available in one size bag
  • Not many colors to choose from


Li Decor Fire Glass Diamonds

It displays beautifully and will be a valuable addition to any fire pit and fireplace indoors and outdoors for great effect.


These fire glass shards come with a nice reflecting surface to enhance the display in your fire pit even more. And they can be used with a variety of display options and not just for the fire pit, such as for landscaping.

It is quite easy to use this fire glass in your fire pit and fireplace as the shards are nice diamond-shaped nuggets. And it can also easily be used on a bed of lava rock to increase the overall aesthetics of your fire pit.

However, it comes with quite a high price tag attached to it, and it is also only available in 10-pound bags.


  • Comes with a nice reflection
  • Can be used for a variety of display applications
  • It is very easy to use
  • Can be used on a lava rock bed


  • Not suitable for smaller fire pits
  • Comes with a high price tag attached to it



The winner in this lineup is the Li Decor Diamond fire glass that comes with many great features included. Just take note that these diamond fire glass nuggets come with a high price tag attached to them, and might not be suitable for those on a tight budget.

That is why the runner up will be a very versatile fire glass from Hiland that comes in a large variety of colors. Furthermore, it is available at quite an affordable price so many people can afford it.

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