Best Chairs for Around a Fire Pit: 2020 Buying Guide

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A fire pit is a perfect addition to your home’s outer décor and landscaping. It’s the ideal place to spend the evening away while creating precious memories with your family. A fire pit especially comes in handy during the chilly nights, as well as leisurely summer evenings.

As such, the seating arrangement matters, and it would help if you chose the best chairs for around a fire pit. Having fire pit chairs will ensure that no one endures long hours standing when they’d rather be reclining.

Say goodbye to bringing spare and mismatched lawn chairs to the fire pit. This review brings to you some of the best fire pit chairs.


These fire pit chair ideas will serve as a welcoming retreat away from the bustle of life. You can choose from a variety of designs, colors, and shapes depending on what appeals to you.

Keter Rio 3 Piece Resin Wicker Patio Furniture Set


The Keter Rio model is one of the best chairs for around a fire pit you’ll come across. The seats measure approximately 30.5 by 21.D by 31.1 inches and have a weight capacity of 299 pounds.

Their construction is based on durable and rust-proof polypropylene resin. The material can withstand all weather conditions and delivers exceptional durability. If your fire pit area is open, you don’t have to worry about leaving the seats exposed to rain or shine.

The durability of the Keter Rio patio seat outlasts that of the traditionally woven rattan. The modern design doesn’t warp, peel, dent, or rust, unlike real rattan and wicker.

The comfort of the seats is unmatched, and their stylish look adds to your home décor. Although they take up quite some space, this won’t be an issue once you get the perfect seating arrangement. Their 22-pound weight makes them the lightest chairs in this review list.


For enhanced comfort, the seats come with beige cushions to let you relax. The pillows are also weather-proof and durable but don’t expect anything with high-end luxury.

The chairs are suitable for other outdoor usages. Their assembly is easy, and it only takes you 10 minutes to end up with a stylish and comfortable chair for the fire pit.



  • A budget-friendly fire pit chair that meets your requirements with ease

  • The wicker construction is durable and withstands all weather conditions

  • Lightweight and easy to move around when rearranging the patio

  • The reclining style gives you the perfect relaxation position

  • Comes with beige cushions that provide comfortable sitting


  • The seat reclines too much which may be uncomfortable for some people


Outdoor Interiors CD3111 Eucalyptus Adirondack Chair


The Adirondack seat was first created in 1903, and several variations have come up over the years. The idea was to create a cozy seating arrangement in summer homes. One of the designs that have grown in worldwide popularity is the Eucalyptus Adirondack chair.

Outdoor eucalyptus Adirondack chairs come with an in-built ottoman for added comfort. They measure 20 by 23 by 15 inches and are just the perfect size for the fireplace area.

Made from solid eucalyptus, the seats are treated with the best quality materials that protect them from rust and UV rays. This means that even if you leave the chairs outdoors and uncovered, they show no signs of wear and tear. They require minimal maintenance, with occasional cleaning with regular soap to maintain the shine.


The eucalyptus construction of the seat adopts a pink-brownish tone with time. This shouldn’t worry you since the interior of the wood remains robust and unaffected.

In matters of comfort, they’re perfect for relaxation at the fire pit. The slight curve and the space for a footrest give you the ultimate satisfaction as you rest.

For their size, the chairs don’t take up much space. As such, with several chairs you’ll be able to accommodate many people at the fireplace for an exciting evening. The built-in ottoman personifies luxury, elegance, and quality.



  • Made from solid eucalyptus for strength, comfort, and durability

  • Low-maintenance chairs that only require occasional cleaning and oiling

  • Come with an ottoman for added comfort

  • Available at a budget-friendly cost

  • The design is ergonomically curved for added comfort


  • The wood oil isn’t included in the package

  • The lag bolts are likely to rust if not oiled


Lifetime Faux Wood Adirondack Chair


Although this Adirondack chair comes without much decoration and details, its compact size makes it very attractive and a great addition to any patio.

The seats are made from weather-resistant simulated wood, and the finish makes them withstand all weather elements. The chair is UV protected, which makes it perfect for outdoor use.

The length of the seat is approximately 38.6 inches and the seat back height is around 37 inches.

Their versatility allows this chair to be used in other settings as well. It’s great for fairy gardens and as dollhouse furniture.


  • Made from weather-resistant simulated wood

  • UV protected

  • The natural light brown color looks attractive

  • Modern and simple design

  • Lightweight yet can support as much as 300 pounds


  • Assembly can be a little challenging

  • Even though it’s advertised as a stain proof chair, it stains and can’t be scrubbed clean



Being around a fire pit is the best place to pass way the night while relaxing and making merry with family. Its arrangement is not complete without comfortable chairs explicitly designed for the area. If you’re looking for seats that won’t disappoint, this review has got you covered.

It takes into account the best chairs for around the fire pit, depending on their comfort levels and durability. They’re also pocket-friendly, easy to assemble, and compact enough to fit in small spaces. Revive those evening meetings at the fire pit with your family and friends with these beautiful additions.

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